Hemp Horse 2kg


Superfood for Horses.

Hemp Horse is made from 100% pure Australian hemp seed. It’s a rich blend of hemp press meal, rolled hemp seed, hemp husks and hemp seed oil, formulated with high fibre content and over 16% beneficial hemp seed oil. There are no additives.

Hemp Horse will:

  • Give your horse healthy skin and a shining coat,
  • Prevent itchy, flaky skin,
  • Relieve joint and muscle pain,
  • Relieve arthritis,
  • Improve their movement.

Hemp seed oil is the key ingredient which contains natural anti-inflammatories responsible for the amazing benefits to skin, joints and your horse’s immune system.

Our hemp seed is grown by local farmers in our district, then cleaned, processed and packaged right here in our Bordertown factory.

Dosage rates
  • Maintenance:  1 cup per day
  • Healing and improvement:  2 cups per day

A 250mL measuring cup is included inside each bucket.

        10kg = 75 days   at maintenance dosage.


Your online order of Hemp Horse 10kg will be shipped via TNT anywhere in Australia in the convenient, sealed reusable plastic bucket.