Our Story

About Hemp Boost

Family owned & operated

Hemp Boost was founded by husband and wife team Mick and Linda Andersen who both have a long farming heritage. When they decided to grow hemp on their farm near Mundulla, they soon discovered there was no one in South Australia to buy and process their harvested crop. So, they decided to build their own hemp seed processing facility. They now process their own hemp foods from crops grown by local farmers, selling premium hemp foods into health food stores and supermarkets Australia-wide and overseas, and hemp food supplements for pets.

Mick and Linda have a chocolate Labrador “Bruno” (aka “oopty”) – the company mascot – who is Mick’s constant companion at home and at work, and in the back of the ute any other time. He gets hemp oil every day (what would you expect?) They have 15 sheep and 5 chooks (all on hemp diets in one form or other) with transient kangaroos on their Mundulla farm. Mick has kept a number of horses over the years and enjoyed working stock with “Banner” on the home farm but has since retired from owning horses and prefers to converse with “Laurie” in the neighbour’s paddock.